If someone would have told me I would have to come up with ideas for dinner for the rest of my life I would have said “Ya Right”. Now look at us. Trying for something new to eat EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the rest of our lives. You get burnt out. You keep making the same thing week after week after week.

I started this blog just because someone told me I should. (thanks Ashley) I had been posting so many recipes on Facebook that she thought a Blog would make it easier for someone to find ideas. So here I am. Besides it is something that will keep me busy and honestly I enjoy this. I love cooking. I love helping people find recipes based on what they have. I love hearing people say “I tried that recipe you posted and it was delicious. I will be adding that to our rotation”.

So scroll through (Hit that home button or the drop down menu) and find what may be on your menu tonight. #getinmybelly #areyouhungry #doyouneedfood

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