Secret 4-Ingredient Meatloaf

Secret 4-Ingredient Meatloaf
Ground beef (at least 15% fat)
Onion, preferably grated or chopped finely
Panko breadcrumbs
Fresh parsley
Meatloaf sauce (recipe below)
Tips to make the best meatloaf
Don’t overmix the meatloaf, if you do so you’ll get a tough and dense meatloaf

To easily remove the meatloaf from the loaf pan, line the loaf pan with parchment paper with the edges hanging over the pan

Grate the onion or chop it extra finely, which will allow the onion to cook through

Tightly press the meat into the pan so it holds its shape

Rest the meatloaf for a few minutes before slicing

Keep the juices from the meatloaf and pour them over the meatloaf slices right before serving for extra flavor and juicer meatloaf slices

How to make meatloaf glaze
I highly suggest coating your meatloaf with a glaze. Not only will the glaze add extra flavor to the meatloaf but it’s going to make it look delicious.

Plus if there are any cracks into the meatloaf the glaze will fall right through them resulting in a juicy and flavorful meatloaf throughout.

The meatloaf sauce has the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors.

The ketchup combined with brown sugar, garlic and spices creates a delicious sauce that, once baked, the glaze caramelizes taking the meatloaf to a whole new level.

All you have to do for the meatloaf glaze is to combine in a mixing bowl ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, ground black pepper and salt.

Then spread the sauce over the meatloaf halfway through baking.

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